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Elegant Touches

Drinks Fountain

Be it a welcome champagne or fruit juice, why not serve it elegantly and let your guests run their glass under our exquisite drinks fountain?


Rekdis? What are they? Those funky carts used in the streets of India by food stall holders. So if your going for at an Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarati or Mumbai themed wedding or pre-wedding function or reception - why not complete this exotic theme, as suchak events are the proud suppliers of six of these rekdis exclusive in the UK. They can be used with a traditional rustic look or themed according to your colour scheme

Chocolate Fountains

Illuminate based Chocolate fountains with mouthwatering dips. Mini donuts, freshly cut Pineapples and strawberries marshmallows (halal available) and many more choices

Ice Cream

Ice cream machine with a choice of flavours, sweets, sources, perfect dessert for that summer wedding, reception and sanji

Fruit Tree and Carved Fruit Display

Do you really want to have gajjar halwa & gulab Jambo at your reception or you are choosing it because you don't have another choice ? Well here is your perfect alternative. Why not offer exotic fruits to your guests with with an exotic presentation? These concepts works as a fruitful cuisine & contemporary decor display

Elegant Touches Gallery

Elegant touches is where suchak events really goes one step above the rest, to create that vision beyond imagination...